A summer terrace, an autumn evening at the pub, a brunch on May Day…ah, a sauna evening in midwinter, summer jazz festivals, an evening on the jetty at the summer cottage. How do these sound? Exactly. Now imagine all these as flavours that you can fall in love with over and over again with a clear conscience.

Respecting the wonders of nature, this microbrewery from Mikkeli makes its beers with exceptional reverence. Each stage is important, every ingredient has an origin – and ecology enjoys a whole new form of existence when age-old artistry is combined with modern know-how and a dash of innovation.

Saimaa Brewing Company is a nimble and constantly developing microbrewery on the shores of Lake Saimaa, which creates some of the world’s most pristine taste experiences – honestly and boldly.

A dash of nostalgia, the courage to dream and the boldness to point the way towards a more sustainable tomorrow – we are all these things. Welcome.

Taste a drop from the freshness of Lake Saimaa. Here we don’t do gimmicks or dress things up in funny slogans. We don’t try to be the next mind-blowing beer sensation that is gone in the blink of an eye. We are a lifelong partner for lovers of beer. For us, this is the definition of quality.

We bow to the taste of authentic brewing. We respect the old, whilst constantly seeking out the new. We ‘hop up’ the culture around beer, and we believe in a force that breaks the boundaries of the embrace of malt.

This is more than just a way of working, it’s a way of life. So enjoy. With a carefree mind. This is a dream that you can buy with a clear conscience… So please do.